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This is not intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for the game but is one
of the little 'mini-guides' I create for Harvest Moon games as a quick
reference guide for players. My Comprehensive General Guide can be found at:
This Guide deals simply with the characters in Rune Factory 2. The first
section covers the characters that appear in the 1st Generation game. Many of
these characters will be found in the 2nd Generation game as well.
Characters that appear only in the 2nd generation game will be listed in a
separate section at the end of this Guide.
In Rune Factory 2, characters will give information about themselves when
their Friendship reaches specific levels. At 2 Hearts, the character will
tell you something he/she particularly likes. At 3 Hearts, he/she will
confess to a specific dislike, a Most Hated Item. At 4 Hearts, the character
will confide the day of his/her birthday to you.
In most traditional Harvest Moon games, giving any item a character
particularly likes on the occasion of his/her birthday will be acknowledged as
a birthday gift. This is not the case in Rune Factory 2. There is only one
item for each individual that will be recognized as a birthday gift.
In fact, it is important to speak to characters at every Heart Level but the
three levels mentioned previously are stages in the relationship where you can
obtain vital information. For example, if the character's heart level
increases too rapidly, you may lose your opportunity to discover his/her
birthday as this is revealed only at 4 Hearts.
Eligible Girls have two separate Heart levels, consisting of a Love Level and
a Friendship Level. All other characters have only one Heart Level in the
form of a Friendship Level.
Usually, an Eligible Girl's Love and Friendship points will increase at the
same rate when you experience her Request Events and speak to her at every
Festival. In some cases, however, her Friendship Level may increase faster if
you perform actions that are calculated to increase her liking of you as a
friend but have no effect in terms of romance.
The Requests that appear on the Bulletin Board in the centre of the De Sainte-
Coquille Square are the key to every character's Friendship as well as being
the source of the 'Heart Events' for each of the Eligible Girls in the 1st
Generation. You should accept EVERY Request from every character, whether or
not it is a Request from an Eligible Girl or from one whom you intend to marry.
Requests are the method by which you will obtain most of your Tools, much of
your early income, some useful Accessories and are the best way to raise Heart
Requests occur in a specific order and will appear as specific heart levels
are reached. If you do not perform the first Request from an Individual that
appears on the Board, the next Request will not appear. You therefore cannot
really 'pick and choose' where Requests are concerned.
Furthermore, it is important to note that in your Courtship of many of the
Eligible Girls, Requests by other individuals may play a vital role. For
example, if you wish to marry Mana, you must complete all of Douglas'
Requests. Likewise, if you wish to marry Dorothy, you must complete Gordon's
In the world of Harvest Moon, ALL characters whom you meet have a part to play
in your life. It is good to realize this fact and never to neglect any
opportunity to increase Friendship or Love, whatever your ultimate intentions
may be.
As is usually the case in Harvest Moon games, every Event or action is worth a
specific number of points in terms of Love or Friendship. You will be unable
to see the precise number of points that have been gained in terms of any Love
or Friendship Levels but you will be able to see the total number of Hearts
when you access the Characters Page of the Farm Menu by tapping on the
Face/Heart Icon at the top of the lower DS screen.
The Characters Page actually consists of two pages. The first is devoted to
Individuals and the second is devoted to your Tame Monsters. On the
Individuals Page, you will see two columns: Friend and Love Levels. The
number of Hearts gained will be displayed in each column. Only characters
eligible for marriage will have Love Points.
The items involved in any Request may be among the gifts that the individual
making the Request likes best. If the character gives you a bag of seeds, it
usually is an indication that the Crop or Flower produced from those seeds are
a favourite gift. The Cooked Items that you obtain from individuals usually
are favourites of theirs as well.
Although individuals will declare that winning a Festival Contest will raise
heart levels, it is by speaking to every character on the day of any Festival
that you earn Love and Friendship points. You always should make certain that
you speak to EVERY ONE on any Festival Day if you wish to generate new
Requests and increase the heart levels of all characters, including all the
Eligible Girls in Alvarna.
Characters are divided into three categories: Eligible Girls, Rivals and Other
Characters. More detailed information about the Eligible Girls and their
Request or 'Heart' Events will be found in my Courtship and Marriage Guide.

1st Generation Characters:



Birthday: 9 Summer
Special Birthday Gift Item; Baked Sweet Potato/Grilled Yam
Mana is the first character you will meet. Like Mist in the original Rune
Factory, she will rescue you from the oblivion into which your amnesia has
placed you and will 'lend' you an old farm. Douglas, who is the owner of the
Pumpkin General Store, is Mana's father and is extremely protective of his
daughter. In fact, he will interrupt many of your Romantic Events with her to
threaten dire results should you ever presume to try to marry his daughter!
Ultimately, you must have Gordon's aid if you wish to propose marriage, as he
will give you the 'Engagement Ring' needed for the proposal.
Mana will sell you a Watering Can and a Hoe for 100G. Speak to her afterwards
and she will give you a bag of Pink Turnip Seeds. She will give you
the 'Special Concerto' after your Barn is completed.
Special items that she gives you in the course of her Request Events include a
Red Scarf.
In order to be able to propose to Mana, you will need an Engagement Ring. The
Ring can be obtained only if you accept Dougla's Request in the form of a
Challenge. You must complete all of the prior Requests Douglas has made
before the Challenge Request will appear on the Bulletin Board. If you have
completed every Request faithfully as it appears, you will have no trouble.
The Challenge Request should appear as soon as Mana asks for the Engagement
Ring in her Request.
If you attempt to give the Engagement Ring to Mana before she has achieved 10
Hearts, she will not accept it.
Most Favourite Gifts: Pink Turnip, 4-Leaf Clover, Sashimi
Most Detested Gift: Mackerel
Special Proposal Item: Engagement Ring
Actual Responses:
Mana: Fish are the best when they're served as sashimi.
Mana: I really like PINK TURNIP. What do you like, Freyr?
Mana: I like 4-LEAF CLOVER, okay? Don't forget!
Mana: I really don't like MACKEREL. I really wouldn't want to get that a
present! Just so you know, okay?
If you give her pink turnip: (with music): Thank you! I love these!
For Strawberry: : Why are you giving this to me? (not happy)

Her ambitions:
Mana: It's my dream to become a teacher.
Me: A teacher? I don't recall seeing a school in town.
Mana: That's because there isn't one, which is a bit of a problem, isn't it?
Gift at 6 hearts: Red Scarf


In the 2nd Generation, Mana will be one of two teachers at the local School.
Her Classes are taught in the morning and consist primarily of Cooking
Lessons, as well as some Accessories and Medicines.
Mana has the ability to repair damaged Magic Spellbooks if you take one to her
when she is at the School. A Magic Spellbook that has been repaired will be
more powerful than a damaged one.


Birthday: 28 Summer
Special Birthday Gift Item: Emerald Ring
Alicia is the daughter of the local doctor, Natalie. Despite her mother's
desire that she become a doctor herself, Alicia is determined to follow the
more mystical 'alternative' path of becoming a fortuneteller.
Alicia offers a number of predictions whenever you speak to her in the harbour
area. She will offer a prediction of the weather, of any character's current
location or a 'love reading' to determine which girls have a romantic interest
in you.
With respect to the Weather and Locations, Alicia's predictions invariably are
accurate. Her 'Love Readings' actually are accurate as well, although she
somehow ignores Julia in her predictions. When any Eligible Girl attains 6
Hearts (Love Points), she will appear on Alicia's 'love radar'.
Alicia actually will offer to change the weather for the next day for a
price. Her ability to do this is uncertain, however, and she will admit this
when she accepts your payment for the task.
You can increase Alicia's Heart Levels by asking for predictions.
In fact, Alicia is rather mischievous and so determined to be a successful
fortuneteller that she is willing to MAKE her predictions come true by
affecting the course of the future. In one of her Requests, she actually
will engineer a date for you with another girl in order to prove one of her
love predictions. In her first Request, she will trick you into giving her
money after promising you a fee, but she is too likeable a character to earn
any lasting resentment for her antics. Although she resembles the classical
character of the 'Trickster' in a way, she is a lively, amusing girl who
obviously is attracted to you romantically.
In one of her Requests in the 1st Generation, she will give you a Missing Page
from the Fireball Magic Spellbook.
Most Favourite Gifts: Diamond, Strawberry
Most Detested Gift: Spinach
Alicia: I really like a nice DIAMOND. What do you like, Frey?
Alicia: I really don't like SPINACH. I don't even want to look at it.
For STRAWBERRY: Fabulous! (with music): I'm so happy! I love it! Thank
you! But if you really want to capture my heart, get your fortune read!
Her ambitions:
Alicia: Myself, I want to become a famous fortune-teller. I think my mother
always wanted me to become a doctor, though.
One of her Requests:
Alicia: I foretold that she would lose something very dear to her. Then I
ate the PUMPKIN PUDDING she'd been saving.
Me: (That's not fortune-telling at all.)
Alicia: I told her, 'See, my prediction came true, didn't it?' She was
furious with me.
Me: (Yeah, of course she got mad.)
Alicia; But isn't it childish to get so mad just because I ate one little
Me: Yes, but you shouldn't have done that in the first place, Alicia.
Alicia: I know that. That's why I've bought another PUMPKIN PUDDING to give
to her. I know, Freyr. Why don't you give it to her for me? It's kind of
hard for me to do myself… Please?
About her attempts to make her fortunes come true:
Mana: I've got one for you. Alicia gave Ceci a reading and told her
to 'beware of steps'. Ceci just laughed, and didn't believe her at all. Then
I saw Alicia creeping up behind her, just as Ceci started down some steps. I
didn't laugh that time… Alicia's fortunes may be bogus, but her weather
forecasts are always right. Strange, huh?


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Birthday: 27 Autumn
Special Birthday Gift Item: Hot Milk
Rosalind is the pampered daughter of Herman, the patriarch of the influential
de Sainte-Coquille family. Many of the areas in Alvarna bear the name of
Sainte-Coquille as they are the result of their donations.
Herman is an inveterate Gourmet and Rosalind is interested both in creating
new dishes and medicines. Many of her Request Events are centred on food or
concoctions that she would like to test.
She is poetic by nature, warm-hearted and fun-loving. She will flirt with
your rival, Ray, as easily as she does with you. In fact, you will find her
on Festival days with Ray standing near the pier at the West End of Alvarna
and if you speak to either of them, you may discover that you have interrupted
a date! The Rival Marriage of Ray and Rosalind is scheduled to occur on 17
Spring, 3rd Year.
Most Favourite Gifts: 4-Leaf Clover, Sweetie Potato, Apple
Most Detested Gift:
Rosalind: I got into the habit of having a piece of APPLE after lunch. It's
a very nutritious fruit. Plus it's delicious.
Rosalind in church on Mon. afternoon, tells me she is her father's daughter as
she sometimes can have 'quite an appetite'. Then:
Rosalind: Sometimes when that happens, I think about something mild like a
SWEETIE POTATO to try and distract myself. But it backfires! I just grow
Rosalind: I really like 4-Leaf Clovers. Legend has it that this white clover
brings good luck to whoever has it. Tee-hee-hee, I must sound pretty
Rosalind: When I hear about fishing, all I can think of is eating some fresh-
caught trout!
Characters often will tell you a number of rather nonsensical 'urban
legends'. Rosalind will go through a stage in her relationship with you when
she tells you a legend about various plants that must be watered at different
phases of the moon:
Rosalind: Have you heard the rumour about the flower that resembles a face?
Apparently, if you sprinkle some water that's been exposed to the light of the
full moon on arid land at exactly 4.04.04 PM, it might bloom.


Birthday: 2 Winter
Special Birthday Gift Item: Strawberry Jam
Dorothy is the daughter of the local Priest, Gordon. She lives with her
father and her sister Cammy in back of the Church. Cammy is extremely
outgoing but Dorothy is almost painfully shy. When you first meet her, she
will speak only through her doll Fern. As you complete her Requests, however,
you will succeed in making her less fearful of social encounters and she will
discard her intermediary in favour of speaking to you directly.
Your Rival for Dorothy's heart is Barrett. You will find Dorothy with Barrett
at the crossroads on Festival Days. The Rival Wedding of Barrett and Dorothy
is set to occur on 17 Autumn, 3rd Year.
In one of her Request Events, Dorothy will give you a Charm, an Accessory that
increases your Defence points. Roy will give you a Charm in one of his
Request Events as well.
In order to propose to Dorothy, you will need a special 'Blessing Pendant'.
This will be given to you by her father, Gordon, in one of his Request
Events. You need to wait until Dorothy is at 10 Hearts before you give it to
Most Favourite Gifts: Char
Most Detested Gift: Insect Skin
Special Proposal Item: Blessing Pendant
Actual Responses:
Dorothy: Well, um… Do you know when my birthday is?
Me: Sorry, I don't know.
Dorothy: Oh, of course… Sorry, it's, um… It's on the 2nd of Winter… Um,
Maybe you could, um, if you remember…
Me: Oh, no, but… What's your favourite thing to eat, Dorothy?
Dorothy: Oh, um… I like… I like fish… and, um… I really like… CHAR.
Dorothy: I don't like INSECT SKIN… Cammy always brings me them, though.
She's very strange…
In a Request Event, Dorothy will give you a Charm:
Dorothy: Oh, that makes me so happy…
Oh… um… This… this is just a little something I'd like you to have…
You got: CHARM.
Dorothy: I made it for you, to protect you from harm, Freyr.
Me: Thank you, Dorothy. You made this for me?
I'll cherish it always.
Dorothy: Today was… Thank you for today…
Well, then… See you later, Freyr.


Birthday: 12 Summer
Special Birthday Gift Item: Aquamarine Brooch
Cecilia, like her suitor Jake is half-elf, half-human. She actually is a
character from the original Rune Factory and now an adult, left her home in
Kardia to work as a maid in Alvarna. She speaks often of her friend Tabatha
who works as a maid in Kardia.
Cecilia lives at the local Inn in Alvarna and works for the de Sainte-Coquille
family at their mansion.
Your Rival for her heart is Jake, the innkeeper's half-elf, half-human son.
The Rival Wedding of Ceci and Jake is set to occur on 14 Summer, 2nd Year.
Cecilia herself will give you the Round Stone, an item known to players of the
original Rune Factory. She must be at 10 hearts, however, before you will be
able to propose marriage successfully.

Most Favourite Gifts: Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Amethyst, Apples
Most Detested Gift: Lamp Squid
Special Item: Round Stone
Actual Responses:
Ceci: Do you know when my birthday is, Freyr?
Me: No, I don't, actually.
Ceci: I never told you, did I? It's the 12th of Summer. Maybe some one will
remember it…
Ceci: Do you know what my favourite thing in the world is? It's DIAMONDS.
And RUBIES. Oh yeah, and EMERALDS.
Me: Those … those are all expensive gems.
Ceci: I've liked shiny little stones ever since I was little. Oh yeah, I
can't forget SAPPHIRES. Plus AMETHYST. I like that, too.
Cecilia: By the way, I really hate LAMP SQUID. Do you like it, Freyr?
For Apple: Is this for me? Wow.
About Kardia:
I knew a woman named Tabatha back in Kardia, who had a job as a maid.
Laterly, I've come to understand why she enjoyed her work. I get a real
feeling of purpose when I'm working to help other people.


Birthday: 16 Spring
Special Birthday Gift Item: Seafood Pizza
Julia is the owner of the local Bathhouse, the Wisdom Bathhouse. You will
raise her Heart Level by taking baths there regularly.
She is obsessed with fashion and is the girl to whom others will defer in
terms of the subject. In fact, one of Yue's Requests involves an appeal to
Julia for fashion guidance.
Often the reward for completing a Request will be an item that is liked
particularly by the giver. When some one gives you seeds, you can assume that
they like the crop/flower that is produced from them.
Max is your rival for Julia's affections and you will find them standing
together at the harbour pier on Festival Days. The Rival Wedding of Max and
Julia is the last of the four Rival Weddings and is scheduled to occur on 11
Winter, 4th Year.
Most Favourite Gifts: Carrot, Toyherb
Most Detested Gift: Skull
When I spoke to Julia after: You got TOYHERB SEED
Julia: It's the seed of an herb that I really like. If you plant it, maybe
you can give a little of it to me!
Julia: So I've been collecting TOYHERB. I really like things that smell nice.
Julia: I like CARROT. It's so nutritious and healthy.
For Carrot: (Thanks!) Oh, that looks delicious! (musical note) Thank you,
Freyr! (with music)
If I give Julia a Toyherb: Thanks! That smells great! (musical note) Is
that for me? Thank you, Freyr.(musical note)

Julia: Actually, I'm really afraid of SKULLS. I can't stand them… Don't
ever bring me one.


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Birthday: 9 Spring
Special Birthday Gift Item: Cabbage Cakes
Yue is a wandering peddler with incredible fortitude and courage. She makes
no secret of her willingness to travel through hostile territory. She favours
kimonos and many of her early requests involve items that she needs to create
an exceptional kimono. It is Yue who will give you many useful Accessories in
the 1st Generation as rewards or tokens in her Request Events. Yue has no
family in Alvarna but she is extremely generous and open with her affection,
even though she professes her primary interest in life to be success in
Yue wanders from one location to another throughout the course of the day and
is often to be found at the entrance to one of the Caves/Dungeons on the map.
If not at the entrance to one of the Caves, she can be found at the northeast
corner of the North Square of Alvarna, to the left of the Falling Star Path
that leads to the Crossroads. On Festival Days, she can be found next to the
Pool that allows a multi-player option in the game. The Pond is north of
Cherry Blossom Square.
You will have no Rival for Yue's affections if you court her. To propose to
Yue, give her the 'Yue Swap Ticket' previously given to you in her Date
Request Event, but you must wait until she reaches 10 Hearts.
Actual Responses:
Most Favourite Gifts: Daikon Radish
Most Detested Gift: Squid
Yue: My birthday is the 9th of Spring. Try to remember it.
Yue: I couldn't ever turn down a good DAIKON RADISH. I don't care how many
I've eaten.
Yue for Daikon: (with music): Thank you! Is that for me? Thanks! I really
love these!
Yue: I can't stand SQUID. They're just so… tentacly. And gross.
For Cabbage Cakes on her birthday:
Yue: (You make me feel so special!) That looks delicious! Actually, it's my
birthday today. But I never thought I'd get a present like this… Wow! I'm so
First useful Accessory from Yue:
You also got 100 pieces of wood.
HACHIMAKI: The far east equivalent of a bandana. Wrap it around your head
and be filled with fighting spirit.
Second Useful Accessory:

YUE in the 2nd GENERATION:

Yue becomes a vital character in the 2nd Generation as she will
offer 'Bargains' in the form of a Small and Large Kitchen, Forge, Pharmarcy,
Refrigerator and Shelves, Makers and all Cookware or Kitchen Utensils.
By performing her Requests, you can obtain Missing Pages from Magic Spellbooks
as well.



Birthday: 5 Spring
Barrett is the son of Byron, Mayor of Alvarna. He has a difficult
relationship with his father and is a classical example of a tormented young
man to some extent, pretending indifference towards community events and
people. In fact, he is deeply concerned with his father's health and although
he will continue to assure you of his indifference as his friendship for you
increases, it is obvious that it is nothing more than pretense.
Barrett in fact will give you a Fishing Rod as a reward for completing his
first Request, proof that he is more generous than he would like to appear.
He is your Rival for Dorothy's affections and you will find them together on
Festival Days by the crossroads on the Falling Star Path, closest to the
entrance to Trieste Forest.
Most Favourite Gifts: Salmon, Iron
Most Detested Gift: Eggplant
Actual Responses:
Me: Barrett, when is your birthday?
Barrett: What's it to you? It's the 5th of Spring. Do you have a problem
with that?
Barrett: I like fish… SALMON, for example. That's all you need to know.
Me: Is there anything you'd like some one to give you?
Barrett: Why do you ask all of a sudden? I could always use another IRON.
They have so many uses…
Me: Barrett, is there anything you dislike?
Barrett: Hmmm… I wouldn't even want to look at an EGGPLANT.
For Iron: (Thanks!) This is a nice gift. Thanks. Don't ask about what I
intend to use it for though.
For Sardine: I can have this? I don't really need it.


In the 2nd Generation game, Barrett will be one of the teachers at the local
School. His classes are taught in the afternoon and consist of Lessons in
Forging Weapons and some Accessories and Scrolls. He is in charge of
activities at the local Dojo as well. Perform one of his Requests in the 2nd
Generation to obtain a Missing Page from a Spellbook.


Birthday: 6 Autumn
Max is one of my personal favourites. He is the scion of the richest, most
influential family of Avarna, the De Sainte-Coquille family. He is the son of
Herman and brother of Rosalind. As fortune's darling, he exhibits the
careless attitude of some one who never needs to worry about anything in
life. He is generous of spirit and open-hearted, always willing to help your
character with useful advice and items that are needed in order to advance
your courtship of his sister Rosalind. He evidently is a consummate dancer
and swordsman, educated in all the skills necessary for any true gentleman.
Most Favourite Gifts: Proof of Warrior, Fluffy Scarf
Most Detested Gift: Platinum
Actual Responses:
Max: I really like PROOF OF WARRIOR.
Max: FLUFFY SCARF is so enchanting the way it's so fluffy. I just love
this. Well, just a little background knowledge you should remember.
Max: I don't like PLATINUM at all.
For Apple, Pink Melon, Toyflower: (This is disappointing!) Freyr, I don't
mind getting presents, but I really don't need this right now.


Birthday: 23 Summer
Half-elf, half-human, he has a deep resentment towards the human race. He is
the son of Egan, proprietor of the Eagle Inn and works as Tanya's apprentice
at the Smithy. He lives at the Inn with his father. You will find him
during the day in the southeastern corner of the Sharper Edge Blacksmith. On
Festival Days, he stands alone on the Falling Star Path closest to the
entrance to the Messhina Valley. He is your rival for Cecilia's heart but
seldom actually is seen with her, although they both can be found in the Inn
at night.
His ultimate ambition is to become a blacksmith in his own right.
Most Favourite Gifts: Spinach
Most Detested Gift: Milk
Actual Responses:
Jake: You still can't remember your own birthday, can you? Mine's the 23rd
of Summer, by the way.
Your first Request from Max will be a delivery of Spinach to Jake.
Jake: What is it, human?
Me: This is from Max.
Jake: Is that SPINACH? Thank you. Eating this should double my stamina. Now
go. You're in the way of my spear training.
For Spinach: What, you're giving this to me? I'll take it. I guess I should
thank you, human.
Jake: I hate milk. Don't even think about bringing me any.


Jake will continue to work at the Smithy in the 2nd Generation, although
Tanya will remain the primary Blacksmith. If you accept his initial Request,
he will give you a WINDSWORD, a very decent blade.


Birthday: 8 Autumn
Ray is the son of Natalie, the local Doctor. He will be found most often in
the Clinic and has ambitions to follow in his mother's footsteps to become a
Doctor one day himself. His sister is Alicia, and he is your Rival for
Rosalind. You will find him with Rosalind on Festival Days at the West End of
Most Favourite Gift: Pink Melon
Most Detested Gift: Shrimp
Actual Responses:
Ray: I like PINK MELON.
Ray: The only thing I can't stand is SHRIMP.


In the 2nd Generation, Ray will be the presiding Doctor at the Clinic, while
Natalie simply watches from afar.


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Birthday: 21 Winter
Tanya is the local blacksmith at the Sharper Edge Blacksmith Smithy. She is
obsessed with eged weapons and will give you your first spell in the form
of 'Powerwave'. When you perform her first Request, she will give you an Axe
as a reward.
Most Favourite Gifts: Wolf Fang, Apple
Most Detested Gift: Tomato
Actual Responses:
Tanya: How about I make you a sword for your birthday? Oh, that's right.
You don't remember your birthday. I'm sorry. By the way, my birthday is the
21st of Winter. Don't you forget it, now!
Tanya: I like any fruit, but my favourite is APPLE.
I like both eating APPLE and peeling it.
Tanya: Look at how sharp the WOLF FANG is. It's just… intoxicating.
Tanya: Tomorow's the Fishing Contest. My favourite fish is pike. It kinda
resembles a sword, don't you think? That's what makes it the best fish ever!
Tanya: I don't like TOMATO. It's hard to cut through.


Birthday: 10 Winter
Herman is the local Gourmet and the patriarch of the renowned and influential
de Sainte-Coquille family. He lives with his son and daughter at the De
Sainte-Coquille Manor. The family has endowed Alvarna with many of its
landmarks, including the Sainte-Coquille Park and Sainte-Coquille Square.
Herman presides over all Festival Contests and is in charge of giving all
Most Favourite Gifts: Any Cooked Dish, including Tomato Juice, Doria, Omelet
Most Detested Gift: Cornflakes
Dislikes: any raw ingredient
Herman: Hello there, Freyr. You don't even know when my birthday is, do
you? My birthday is the 10th of Winter. I don't care what you get me for my
birthday… As long as it's food!

Herman: (with music) I can never have enough TOMATO JUICE after breakfast.
Whenver I get my hands on some TOMATO JUICE, I can't hold back.
Herman: There is a lot of delicious food out there, but I must recommend that
you try OMELET RICE for lunch. Eggs with the rich scent of butter placed on
top of delicately seasoned rice… There's nothing in the world like that.
There's a lot of delicious food out there, but I must recommend that you try
DORIA for lunch. The ensemble of rice and demi-glace is a stunning
combination that can hardly be replaced.
Like Rosalind, he will speak of unsubstantiated rumours and legends when you
have become friends with him:
Herman: I heard a rumour that if you drink milk before going out to mine,
you'll have a better chance of striking rare ore. Whether or not you choose
to believe it is up to you, Freyr.
Herman dislikes raw ingredients. For tomato: Oooh, Fretyr, what in the
worrrrld should I do with this?
Herman: Some have called me 'The King of consumption.' Why, there isn't a
single food that I dislike. Actually, that's a huge lie. I couldn't force
myself to eat CORNFLAKES.


Birthday: 15 Autumn
Gordon is the local Priest and lives and presides at the Alvarna Chapel. He
has a very mysterious past, having once been a warrior. In fact, his daughter
Cammy often will speak of her desire to uncover all the secrets of her
father's past.
It is Gordon who presides over all Weddings. If you wish to marry his
daughter, Dorothy, you must complete his Request Events as he will give you
the item needed to propose to her: a 'Blessing Pendant'.
Most Favourite Gifts: Pumpkin
Most Detested Gift: Wooly Furball
Actual Responses:
Gordon: There's one thing that can be said for absolutely everyone – they
have a birthday. You may not be able to remember it, but you have a birthday,
too. A birthday also offers a good chance to look back over your life and
consider where you are headed. While we're on the subject, my birthday is
15th of Fall. Don't you think it's interesting, people and their birthdays?

Gordon: I really like a good PUMPKIN. But I always eat too much of it! Ba
ha hah ha!
Gordon: I don't handle Woolies well. I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'm
allergic to Woolies. Just looking at a WOOLY FURBALL gives me a rash. So if
you ever give me one, expect some divine wrath!
About his Past:
Cammy: Good evening. So rumour has it that my dad was an imperial soldier
back in the day. But he won't tell me anything about it.
Me: He really does look like a soldier, doesn't he? What with that scar over
his eye… And he's built like a bear.
Cammy: You would think he would tell his daughter!

In the Summer: Gordon: It's gotten hot out lately. These robes don't help
any, either. But they are the vestments of my faith! Nobody respects a
preacher in his boxer shorts!


Birthday: 27 Spring
Byron is the Mayor of Alvarna and lives with his son Barrett at the Mayor's
House in the West End of Alvarna. He has a rather difficult relationship with
his son but loves him dearly. In fact, despite an outward appearance of
resentment, Barrett is very concerned with his father's welfare.
As Mayor of Alvarna, Byron must give his approval of any upgrades. When you
wish to build your first Barn, you must see Byron for planning permission.
Most Favourite Gifts: Eggplant, Autumn Grass
Most Detested Gift:
Actual Responses:
Byron: My birthday is 27th of Spring. Even at my age each birthday is an
important landmark, and a time for reflection and renewal. Hah hah hah!
Byron: I must admit, I do love a good EGGPLANT. I just can't stop eating
Byron: I like to decorate my home with a AUTUMN GRASS. They are lovely to
look at, don't you think? Flowers really do soothe the heart and mind.
Byron: Black coffee is the only way to start the day! I certainly don't care
for any of this TOYHERB tea that other people may be drinking.


In the 2nd Generation, Byron remains in charge of Alvarna and you must order
any Monster Barn or School upgrades from him. He can be persuaded to make all
possible upgrades in a single day, provided you have sufficient Wood and money
for all the projects.
You will NOT be able to expand your Monster Barn in the 1st Generation but in
the 2nd, you can expand it more than once and add a Library, Workshop and Dojo
to the School.


Birthday: 21 Autumn
Egan is the Innkeeper of the Eagle Inn where he lives with his son Jake. He
himself will confess that he is over 100 years old as elves tend to live
longer than humans.
Most Favourite Gifts: White Cabbage, Charm Blue Flower
Most Detested Gift:
Actual Responses:
Egan: I really like WHITE CABBAGES. They're very healthy.
Egan: My guilty little pleasure is CHARM BLUE. The aroma's very soothing.
For White Cabbage: (I'm delighted!) Is this for me? I'm so happy! You can
use WHITE CABBAGE in a lot of different foods. I really treasure it.
For Potato or Carrot: Is this for me? Thanks so much, Freyr. (neither happy
nor sad)
About Egan:
Jake: Father always looks kind, but he can be scary when he's angry.


Birthday: 2 Spring
Douglas is the proprietor of the Pumpkin General Store, your source for all
Seed purchases and food items including some dairy products and cooking
ingredients. He is Mana's father and is very protective of her, vowing all
sorts of dire punishments should you dare to court her. In fact, he
ultimately actually will provide the item that allows you to propose to her in
the form of an 'Engagement Ring'.
Douglas and Gordon have an old friendly rivalry in terms of who is the better
man and will compete against one another in the Eating Contest, among other
In one of his Request Events, he will give you an Empty Bottle, an item
required if you wish to ask Natalie to create a Recovery Potion for you at the
Most Favourite Gifts: Skipjack, Skipjack Sashimi
Most Detested Gift: Carrots
Actual Responses:
Douglas: What a nice mornin'. Hey, I ever tell you my birthday's the 2nd of
Spring, kid?
Douglas: I like SKIPJACK, kid. Don't forget that, now.
Douglas: There's not many things I don't like, but CARROTS are one of them.
Try to remember that, kid.
For Skipjack Sashimi: Thanks! I love these!


Birthday: 21 Spring
Natalie is the local doctor at the Alvarna Clinic. She has two children, Ray
and Alicia. Although she would like both of them to become Doctors, only Ray
has any interest in that ambition. Her daughter Alicia would prefer to become
a professional fortuneteller. Natalie sells Medicines, Potions and all Wild
coloured Grasses at the Clinic. She can create a Recovery Potion for you if
you own an Empty Bottle. She can cure Status Ailments as well.
Most Favourite Gifts: Pumpkin Pudding, Tomato, Cherry Grass
Most Detested Gift:
Natalie: Freyr, I wonder if you know my birthday. Oh, I guess I never told
you. My birthday's on the 21st of Spring. I just thought I'd let you know.

Natalie: My favourite things are PUMPKIN PUDDING and TOMATO. Do you like
them, Freyr?
Natalie: My favourite thing is CHERRY GRASS. Is that what you guessed?


Birthday: 15 Summer
Cammy is the daughter of the local priest, Gordon. She and her sister Dorothy
live with their father at the Church. She is a very energetic, generous girl
with a great spirit of adventure. Her best friend is Roy, Natalie's son. Her
Requests are a series of mini-games that are part of her plan to transform you
into a 'Handsome Gentleman'. She will give you various Seeds as Rewards for
completing her Requests.
Most Favourite Gifts: Strawberry, Sardine
Most Detested Gifts: Vegetables
Actual Responses:
Her father will tell you that Cammy hates Vegetables:
Gordon now says: Hey, Freyr. I always look forward to getting my teeth on
your latest crop of produce. Cammy hates veggies, though. I just can't get
her to eat them. I really don't know what to do.
In an Event, Cammy will indulge in 'binge-eating' and describes the food that
she consumed:
Natalie: What did you eat?
Cammy: Popcorn, pancakes, and then apple juice with a steamed jellyroll cake.
Natalie: No wonder! Of course your stomach will hurt after pigging out like
that! Why did you east so much?
Cammie: I had a fight with Roy and I got so mad I just ate everything.
Natalie: Binge eating… You're about 10 years too young for that sort of thing.
Cammy: Really?
Natalie: Yes. No more overeating, okay?
Cammy: Okay. Thank you, doctor! My stomach feels better now, so I'm going
back home.
She leaves.
Me: Great job once again, Natalie.
Ntalie: Well, it was an easy diagnosis. The problem usually is something
Me: Huh. Live and learn.
Cammy: I'll tell you my favourite thing! It's STRAWBERRY! Don't forget.
I gave Cammy one of my smaller Sardines:
Cammy: Is this for me? Thanks! *giggles*
Me: Cammy, I think you'd rather climb trees than look at the flowers!
Cammy *giggles* Can you tell?
Clue for the 2nd Generation:
In the Church Cammy again said: Freyr! A little while ago, at the harbour, I
picked up this really shiny shell. Wanna see?
Me: Wow, really? Make sure to show it to me sometime.
About her Training Plan for your Character:
Cammy: Well, I've been doing some thinking… It's about you, Freyr. You look
like a cool guy, but really, you're not all that capable. So I decided
something! I'm gonna give you some special training. If you follow my
advice, you'll never lose to anyone ever again. It'll be a total
transformation! I call it my 'Super-Freyr Training Plan.' It's a pretty good
idea, if I do say so myself!
Cammy: You've really worked hard this year! I'll keep making you into a
really handsome gentleman, okay?!
Graduation Test from Cammy for all the training. She asks me to find a Wolf
When I gave it to her:
Cammy: Well, that completes my 'build a gentleman' plan. Mission complete!
From now on, you shall be called, 'Freyr, the Perfect Gentleman', okay?
She gave me CHARM BLUE SEED.
About Cammy's Adventurous Spirit:
Me: Cammy, I hear you've been going into the forest.
Cammy: How did you know that? I go there sometimes, for adventures!
Me: There are monsters there, and it's dangerous. You should stay away from
there. Dorothy's been worried.
Cammy: She has? But I'll be fine… I'm a good runner, so I can run away from
any monsters!
Me: Even if you're a fast runner, it's still dangerous. If a monster snuck
up on you, or you twisted your ankle…
Cammy: Okay, okay. I understand. I'll try not to go to the forest alone
anymore, okay?
Me: Okay, good.
Cammy: When I feel like going, I'll ask you to go with me, okay, Freyr?
Me: Well… I'd like for you to stay wasy from the forest altogether, but…
Cammy: If anything happens, you'll rescue me, won't you, Freyr?
Me: I'll do my best, but it'd be a lot better if you tried to stay out of
danger in the first place!
Cammy: Okay, I understand.
Me: (Good, it looks like I've gotten through to her.) So try not to play
near the forest.
Cammny: Okay. Bye bye!
More about her spirit of Adventure:
Cammy: (Hiya! Leave it to me!) Tomorrow's the Adventure Contest! If it's
adventure you need, leave it to me!
Cammy: There's an Adventure Contest today! That sounds exciting! I wanna
compete too!
Me: ha ha! Cammy, you really like that sort of thing, don't you?
Camnmy: If you're ever in trouble, I'll come to your rescue, Freyr!
A proposed Gift that is nothing more than a tease:
Cammy: Ugh, I went out of my way to make this bracelet and then I lost it…
And I had been thinking of giving it to you, Freyr.
Roy: Cammy! You still haven't given me back my bug cage!
Note: She will continue to speak of various items she intended to give you
but which she lost… unfortunately.


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In the 2nd Generation, Cammy will preside at the Bathhouse instead of Julia.
Cammy is a true adventurer at heart and will meet you whenever you first enter
a new Cave/Dungeon, but will be persuaded not to tell the adults about your
adventures, despite any potential dangers from Monsters. If your character is
a boy in the 2nd Generation, Cammy will be a potential candidate for romance.


Birthday: 25 Winter
Roy is Tanya's son and is Cammy's best friend. He can be found often with
Cammy either at the Sainte-Coquille Park or at the Church where she lives. He
is a very friendly boy who will give you an extremely useful Accessory early
in the game if you complete one of the first Requests. Give him the Emerald
he requests and he will make a Charm for you.
Roy tends to be careless and breaks items at home regularly. Many of his
Requests are the result of an accident and his need to replace a broken item.
In fact, this is a clever device by which the game gives you hints as to the
locations of various Monsters and the War Trophies that they drop.
Most Favourite Gift: Cheap Cloth, Shoulder Piece, Steamed Bread, Pudding
Most Detested Gift: Pike
Actual Responses:
There's one thing I really don't like. I can't stand PIKE. I just don't
understand how people think it tastes any good at all.
Say, Freyr. When's your birthday?
Me: I don't remember that either.
Roy: Of course. Well, you can remember mine instead if you like! It's the
25th of Winter.
Roy in his bedroom: My birthday is the 25th of Winter. Remember it!
Me: I know, I know. You want a present, don't you?
Roy: Was it that obvious? Well, now you know. I'll look forward to your
A Clue for the 2nd Generation:
Roy: Say, Freyr, have you found anything out in the fields?
Me: Like… what? I haven't seen anything yet…
Roy: Okay. I actually buried some toys and stuff out there a while back.
Me: Ah ha ha. I guess it would be a surprise to turn up something like that!
One of Roy's Requests:
Roy: I was horsing around the house when I ripped the CHEAP CLOTH on the
kitchen table. If Mom finds out it's torn, they'll never find my body. Think
you could help me out? You're the only hope I've got, Freyr!
Guess I don't have much choice. I'll help you out, but I think you should
apologise to your mom.
Thanks! So, it's a CHEAP CLOTH. I heard ORCS in the Trieste Forest drop it.
Just find the ones wielding maces. Piece of cake, right?
Thanks. I'll be waiting for you.
I bet you will.
As a Reward for completing a Request:
Roy: You brought this for me, huh? Now I don't have an excuse to yell at
ya! Thanks! You're a lifesaver, Freyr. Here, take this in return.
Me: Ha ha ha. 'Lifesaver'? I don't know about that, Roy.
Roy: Are you kidding? My mom is terrifying when she's mad!
Another Request: I need something else. Something else happened… stop by for
a little?
Roy: I was horsing around the house when I broke the SHOULDER PIECE
decoration on the kitchen shelf.
Me: For crying out loud, you broke something else? I wish you'd learn to
control that energy of yours, Roy.
Roy: That's right, the Orc Viking carries it. You'll find that monster at
Padova Mts. –Crossroad.


In the 2nd Generation, Roy will be a potential candidate for romance if your
character is a Girl.


Characters who appear in both Generations are listed in the 1st Generation,
but with a separate section at the end of each individual section for their
2nd Generation roles. The following characters appear solely in the 2nd


Birthday: 27 Winter
As the daughter of Max and Julia and granddaughter of Herman, Leann is a
member of the most influential family in Alvarna, the De Sainte-Coquille
Family. As one of the children in the village, she will attend School with
you. If your character is a Boy, she will be a potential candidate for
Favourite Item: Pizza
Item she Detests: Green Pepper
Actual Dialogue:
Leann: Have you heard of PIZZA? I really love it! I've heard they have all
sorts of PIZZA in a town in Norad! I'm quite jealous, I must admit.


Birthday: 3 Summer
Leonel is the son of Dorothy and Barrett and lives with them in the Mayor's
House. He is a beautiful boy who often is mistaken for a girl, a situation
that irks him greatly. As a child in Alvarna, he will attend the local
School with you. If your character is a Girl, he will be a potential
candidate for Romance.
Leonel evidently is quite interested in the art of cooking as he will tell you
that he loves Mana's classes and considers cooking to be fun.
Favourite Items: Chocolate Cake, Pancakes
Item he Detests: Cheesecake


Birthday: 15 Winter
Orland, like his parents Cecilia and Jake, is half-elf, half-human although
he, like his father before him, considers himself to be strictly of
elvenkind. As one of the children of Alvarna, he will attend the local school
with you. He lives at the Inn with his parents and his grandfather, the
Innkeeper Egan. Egan will assure you that his grandson, despite his
surliness, does wish to be your friend. If your character is a girl, Orland
will be a potential candidate for Romance.
Favourite Items: Proof of Warrior, Fried Mackerel, Taimen Sashimi
Item he Detests: Dried Sardine
Actual dialogue:
When you speak to him initially at School, he will be quite rude: 'Don't get
in my way. I'm trying to study here!'


Birthday: 29 Autumn
Sera is the twin sister of Serena. Both are daughters of Rosalind and Ray and
live on the 2nd Floor of the Clinic. The twins will give you two Magic
Spellbooks after you discover them in the bookcase in the Clinic. Although
they are identical twins in appearance, their personalities are quite
different. Her sister loves to play outside, while Sera prefers to read books
and indeed, has a keen interest in magical spells.
If your character is a Boy, both Sera and Serena are potential candidates for
Favourite Items: Pudding, Tomato Juice, Omelet Rice
Item she Detests: Sardine Sashimi
Actual Dialogue:
Sera: I like to read!
Sera: I just want to read a book!
About her sister:
Serena: Sera reads really difficult books! She's even started to read some
of father's magic books!


Birthday: 29 Autumn
Serena is the daughter of Ray and Rosalind and has an identical twin sister
named Sera. Although the two sisters are identical physically, their
personalities are quite different. Serena is the active one, preferring to
play outside rather than study while her sister Sera would rather read a
book. If your character is a boy, both twins are potential candidates for
She and Sera will give you two important magic spellbooks after you find them
in the bookcase at the Clinic.
Favourite Gift Items: Pudding, Tomato Juice, Omelet Rice
Actual Dialogue:
Serena: I like to play outside!
Serena: I want to go outside! I wish this school had a playground.


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